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a late Neolithic archaeological culture in the northwestern part of China, in what is now Kansu Province. It is represented by many sites with semisubterranean dwellings, blackish-gray-colored pottery ornamented with stamped comblike impressions, white-colored pottery, and small bronze objects. The Ch’ichia culture developed under the influence of the Yangshao culture (stone knives and axes, beakers) and the Lungshan culture (stock raising).


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Police say 24-year-old Christian Chichia began loudly banging on the door of a house, waking the occupants.
Also among Geagea's visitors Friday was Italian ambassador Gabriel Chichia, who came on farewell visit.
Duplication groups comprising different zones 18 Hichewi (C), Kapicho (C), Chichia (W) 19 Tayo (D), Birbo (S), Made (S) 20 Bedadeda (H), Dirbo (H), Hayiwona (H), Shewite (S) 21 Eshamwessa (H), Shalakumia (W) Table 3.