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, Chichihaerh, Ch'i-ch'i-haerh, Tsitsihar
a city in NE China, in Heilongjiang province on the Nonni River. Pop.: 1 452 000 (2005 est.)



(also Tsitsihar), a city in Northeastern China, in Heilungkiang Province, on the Nen Chiang. Population, more than 500,000 (1959). It is a river port and has a station of the Chinese Eastern Railway. An important machine-building center, Ch’ich’ihaerh produces metallurgical and other heavy equipment, machine tools, locomotives, railroad cars, railroad cranes, motor vehicles, and agricultural machinery. The city has a special-steel plant and plants for the manufacture of building materials, glass (including optical glass), and wood products. The food-processing industry’s output includes meat products, dairy products, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and alcoholic beverages. Ch’ich’ihaerh also produces leather and fur goods and has cottage industries.