avian influenza

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avian influenza:

see influenzainfluenza
or flu,
acute, highly contagious disease caused by a RNA virus (family Orthomyxoviridae); formerly known as the grippe. There are three types of the virus, designated A, B, and C, but only types A and B cause more serious contagious infections.
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SCOTTISH drug manufacturers have developed a cure for the deadly Hong Kong chicken flu.
I WAS upset to see Hong Kong workers cramming little live chicks into black plastic bags, like they were scraps of paper for disposal, in an attempt to eradicate "chicken flu".
The such-and-such of the moment is H5N1, also known as avian influenza, chicken flu or plain old "bird plague of doom" (depending on whether you read a broadsheet newspaper, a middle-market tabloid or a red top).
Doctors across Britain were on alert last night over a killer "chicken flu" virus.
More recently, outbreaks of a deadly chicken flu among people in Asia have raised the spectre of another pandemic of the virus.
And such hysteria still goes on: Whether it's over the MERS coronavirus, a whole alphabet of chicken flu viruses, a real but not very deadly influenza pandemic in 2009, or a kerfuffle like the one in 2012 over a scientist-crafted ferret flu that also was supposed to be a pandemic threat.
He also said that as of January next year licenses for meat imports would be issued at border crossings instead of the Veterinary Administration and the ban on importing chicken from Turkey, introduced as a precaution against chicken flu, would be lifted next year.
Swine flu threatens a pandemic, but I wouldn't mind betting that this health scare turns out to be as dangerous as the chicken flu that was going to kill us a few years ago.
So when exactly should you speed-dial the Chicken Flu Squad?