Big Bear

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Big Bear/Baby Bear State Marine Park

Location:Near Peril Straits, about 35 miles north of Sitka; no road access.
Activities:Camping, fishing, hunting.
Special Features:Access to this park is primarily by boat and it has no visitor facilities. However, the protected anchorage here provides opportunities for camping, hunting, and fishing.
Address:c/o Southeast Area Office
400 Willoughby Ave, 4th Fl
Juneau, AK 99801

Size: 1,032 acres.

See other parks in Alaska.
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We learned that Yvonne's Cree name is Maskihkiy Maskwa Iskwew and she is a descendant of Chief Big Bear.
Together, they founded the chief Big Bear Gathering at Stony Mountain and Rockwood Institutions in 1998, to let the inmates know people on the outside cared about them and that there was hope.
On May 28, 1885 the 'Battle of Frenchman Butte' occurred between a Cree group led by the son of legendary Chief Big Bear, Wandering Spirit, and Canadian Troops led by General T.
The group was named to honor the great visionary Chief Big Bear.
With the help of Chief Rocky Boy, Chief Big Bear and some prominent non-Native men of the time, including William Bole, publisher of the Great Falls Tribune, Charlie Russell and Frank Linderman, the Rocky Boy Reservation was created.
Her great-great-grandfather was the famous Cree chief Big Bear who went down in history for refusing to sign over his people's land, fearing it would lead to their destruction.
The third tour, A Drive through the North West Frontier, is the longest at close to 400 km, and follows the stories of Chief Big Bear whose Cree people clashed with Canadian government forees, culminating in the last military engagement on Canadian soil.
In the meantime, he and 20 descendants of Chief Big Bear who signed Treaty 6 will continue to occupy a section of Crown land 30 miles southeast of North Battleford they says belongs to them.
His unflinching determination, and the daunting workload he took on for himself despite the fact that he had diabetes, meant people often drew comparisons between Flett and and one of his ancestors, Chief Big Bear, a proud and steadfast leader who was also dedicated to improving the lot of his people.
They attribute the founding fathers as being Chief Big Bear and Chief Poundmaker who were imprisoned in the Stoney Mountain penitentiary following the Riel Rebellion in 1885.
The Canadian Producer Award went to the producers of Big Bear, an epic story following the life of Plains leader Chief Big Bear played by Gordon Tootoosis.