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NationalitySiksika (adopted) Kainai/Blood (born) Blackfoot Confederacy
Known for Chief of the Siksika First Nation, warrior, peacemaker


name for plants with the leaf or some other part resembling the foot of a crow, particularly the buttercupbuttercup
or crowfoot,
common name for the Ranunculaceae, a family of chiefly annual or perennial herbs of cool regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Thought to be one of the most primitive families of dicotyledenous plants, the Ranunculaceae typically have a simple
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1. Colloquial term for stylolite.
2. A V-shaped marking on an architectural or engineering drawing, the apex of which indicates a reference point or the limit of a dimension.
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Volume II also revisits the lives of Blackfoot Chief Crowfoot and Crow Chief Plenty Coup, as well as the lives of Paiute prophet Wovoka and Sioux war shaman Crazy Horse, who led his warriors against Custer's forces.
Built on a hill near Chief Crowfoot's burial site, Blackfoot Crossing overlooks an 800 hectare historical park marking not only an important First Nations Bow River crossing but also the Cluny Earth Lodge Village, a settlement dating back to 1740-42 and archaeological dig site of the University of Calgary's archaeology department.
Although he knew Bull Elk was innocent, Blackfoot chief Crowfoot arranged for him to be turned over to the authorities at a later date, when everything would be sorted out.
He had come across the quote from Chief Crowfoot. As soon as (I finished) reading it, I thought yes, I have to use this.
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