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(1) See functional dependency.

(2) (Floppy Disk) For example, FD/HD refers to a computer with a floppy disk and hard disk. See floppy disk.

(2) (1) The hexadecimal equivalent of 254 in decimal or 11111101 in binary. See hex and hex chart.
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floor drain

typical floor drains
A fixture providing an opening in a floor to drain water into a plumbing system; in homes, usually fitted with a deep seal trap.
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Keith Robinson, Chief Financial Officer, Diamond Packaging
Most recently, Pittman was chief financial officer of Ursa Resources, an exploration and production company, and the chief financial officer of Aethon Energy Management, a private investment firm.
Johns' appointment as chief financial officer follows the previously announced retirement of former CFO Randy Wiese, who will stay at CSG as a non-executive through the transition of his duties.
He will serve as the company's principal financial officer and principal accounting officer until a permanent chief financial officer is appointed.
Bullis, who has served as executive vice president and interim chief financial officer since October 2015.
Nguyen has served as the chief financial officer of Prothena Corp.
As Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of SIS, Duner acted as a corporate officer and strategist, managing and controlling overall corporate risk, in addition to executing a financial plan that contributed to the company's continued growth.
next month as executive vice president and chief financial officer.
Knierim to the position of executive vice president/ chief financial officer. Knierim was previously employed as senior vice president and chief financial officer at the $1.1 billion Greylock Federal Credit Union in Pittsfield, Mass.
Rayner will return to the role of chief financial officer of EchoStar.
West, currently president and chief financial officer, will become the company's new chief executive officer.
Zimmermann as chief financial officer. Zimmermann will report to chief executive officer Frederick H.

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