Chief Information Officer

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Chief Information Officer

(CIO) The person who determines the overall strategic direction and business contribution of the information systems function in a business.
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(Chief Information Officer) The executive in charge of information processing in an organization. All systems design, development and datacenter operations fall under CIO jurisdiction. CIOs have demanding jobs as information systems in an organization are often taken for granted until something breaks down. The CIO is responsible for explaining to executive management the complex nightmare this industry has gotten itself into over the past 50 years and why equipment must be constantly retrofitted or replaced. Justifying new expenditures can be a difficult part of the job.

CIOs are also involved in creating business opportunities through information technology, although in larger companies this is often the role of the chief technology officer (CTO). Collaborating with other executives, CIOs work at the core of business development within the organization. See CTO, job descriptions and salary survey.
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- Faizal Eledath, Chief Information Officer, Dubai Bank
Recommendation: To improve Treasury's ability to effectively implement EVM on its IT acquisition programs, the Secretary of Treasury should direct the Assistant Secretary for Management, in collaboration with the Chief Information Officer, to implement a process for ensuring effective implementation of EVM throughout the department by establishing a comprehensive EVM system by, among other things, defining the scope of effort using a work breakdown structure that allows for traceability across EVM project management documents.
We're trying to reach out to the thought leaders, people like the chief information officers and chief financial officers at companies like and eBay--I'm trying to go to larger and mid-cap companies." While the committee, by charter, can have 35 members, in June it had just 27.
* Industry Advisory Council, E-Gov, and the Federal Chief Information Officer Council's Excellence.Gov Award Finalist, January 2002;
According to GSS Chief Information officer Rustan Williams, the switch has enabled GSS to increase efficiency to the point that the organization's technical support requires only one-and-a-half full-time equivalents (FTEs) for more than 2,000 PCs, compared with the industry average of one FTE for every 75 PCs.
Chief Information Officer Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland, Ohio 100 Top Hospitals: 5 years Institution size: 2,957 staffed beds (Health System) Years with institution: 3 Years in IS: 10 Diversion from Y2K issues: Cleveland Indians
Thompson, vice president and chief information officer, Liz Claiborne, New York.
Leading the standardization of clinical and financial systems to support computer-based patient records for on-line transaction processing and retrospective analysis is perhaps the most important and retrospective analysis is perhaps the most important role of the clinical chief information officer.
The answer may be an ineffective relationship between yourself and your chief information officer. Do you recognize yourself in the following scenarios?
Sells Appointed Chief Information Officer for SUNZ Holdings of Florida
as Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer of Southern National, the company said.

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