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The Chief Architect pointed out that there will be enough candidates despite the crisis, saying that Bulgarians spend money mainly on their houses and children and currently there aren't many places in Sofia where people can splurge on their youngsters.
Sean Fitts, Chief Architect at AmberPoint, will review runtime governance of the SAP enterprise SOA environment and surrounding runtime components
In 1985 he was a chief architect at Delco Electronics, General Motors (GM) where he architected a GM engine control processor.
Previously Embotics' Director of Engineering, Seguin brings more than 18 years of design and development experience to his role as Chief Architect for the company.
Davidson, who is the chief architect for the agency.
Last week, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced the choice of Santiago Calatrava as the chief architect for the transportation terminal at the planned World Trade Center complex.
Chief Architect Joe Berkovitz to Lead Advanced Flex Workshop
After months of much-talked about clashes of opinion between World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein and chief architect Daniel Libeskind, the two seemed to have put aside their creative differences--at least, publicly.
VP of Engineering and Chief Architect Bryan Tracey Also Elected Co-Chair of EPCglobal Software Action Group; To Speak at U.
said Andrew Thompson, chief architect with Memorial SloanKettering, as he took the podium at "Meet the Construction Chiefs," a networking event sponsored by Professional Women in Construction (PWC) on Feb.
The next SOA Forum roundtable will feature Darren Wesemann, Chief Technology Officer for SunGard's Financial Systems businesses and is chief architect of the Common Services Architecture (CSA), who will present "Achieving a Common Services Architecture" on Thursday, October 5 at 2:00 PM EDT.

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