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cc, CC

Abbr. for “cubic centimeter.”


The country code for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.


(1) See Common Criteria and closed captions.

(2) (Carbon Copy) The field in an e-mail header that names additional recipients for the message. The term comes from carbon paper, which before word processing, was commonly used to make paper copies in a typewriter. Carbon paper is a letter-size sheet with ink on one side that is inserted between two sheets of regular paper to make a copy while typing the original. Additional copies can be made at the same time by inserting more sheets of carbon and regular paper into the same stack. See bcc, fcc and Carbon Copy.
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Coding initial ED visits of patients with culture-confirmed cases retrospectively, by using chief complaint and discharge diagnosis, would test this hypothesis.
Among those seeking treatment, 2,264 patients had a chief complaint that was psychiatric, compared with 120,046 patients whose chief complaint was not.
Chief complaint recorded using level of severity algorithm
Of the 84 patients whose chief complaint was violence, only 63% were asked if they had a history of violent behavior, Dr.
Recently, a 32-year-old female presented to the Emergency Department with the chief complaint of not wanting to live.
Routinely collected chief complaint information is transmitted electronically to the health department daily and analyzed for temporal and spatial aberrations.
The chief complaint among those screening positive compared to those screening negative was more likely to involve headache/migraine (31% vs.
As some patients may launch straight into their chief complaint, and not divulge that they have previously seen their GP regarding it, optometrists are asked to routinely incorporate one extra query in their history taking.
7, 2009 (CENS)--In line with the so-called "folk economy" being trumpeted by Premier Wu Den-yih, the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) plans to construct low-cost housing units, so as to solve the problem of exorbitant housing prices, a chief complaint among local populace.
The chief complaint is that buyers don't understand some of the more unusual ethnic products they are buying.
ONE CHIEF COMPLAINT of residents is the lack of professionalism and cleanliness exhibited by maintenance technicians.
Although Veterans Affairs Canada continue to stress their willingness to assist PTSD sufferers with treatment, counselling and compensation, the chief complaint I receive from department officials is that too few of the victims come forward.

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