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cc, CC

Abbr. for “cubic centimeter.”
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The country code for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
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(1) See Common Criteria and closed captions.

(2) (Carbon Copy) The field in an email header that names additional recipients for the message. The term comes from carbon paper, which before word processing, was commonly used to make paper copies in a typewriter. Carbon paper is a letter-size sheet with ink on one side that is inserted between two sheets of regular paper to make a copy while typing the original. Additional copies can be made at the same time by inserting more sheets of carbon and regular paper into the same stack. See bcc, fcc and Carbon Copy.
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In total, 487 (12.6%) cold weather ED visits were identified by diagnosis code, chief complaint, or both (Figure 1).
Table-II: Details of positive CT scan findings in patients with chief complaint of headache without focal neurological signs (n=105).
The first was that a symptomatic overlap of headache, depression, or anxiety commonly existed in outpatients with a chief complaint of headache at general neurological clinics, and 15.2% of patients had a depressive or anxiety disorder.
In a series of linear regression models, BioSense ED visits mapped by chief complaint to diarrhea and nausea/vomiting (as a monthly proportion of all ED visits) were regressed on monthly reported norovirus outbreaks from January 2007April 2010.
Medication refill/needs medication was the third most common chief complaint in 2012 (n=57; 7.4%).
The aim of this study was to evaluate whether there is loss of information in the recording of chief complaint and present illness in inpatient medical records before and after the implementation of the EMR.
(2) To date, there has never been a report describing a patient with a pelvic digit who presents with a chief complaint of dyspareunia.
His chief complaint was picking Simon Cox ahead of Shane Long.
Based on the review of Unit 1, certain items were uniformly included preintervention such as name (97%), medical record number (97%), chief complaint (97%), allergies (95%), weight (94%), and patient summary (75%), while others such as medication list (3%), code status (2%), lab results (1%), and vital signs with date (0%) were rarely present, Dr.

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