Chikobava, Arnold

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Chikobava, Arnol’d Stepanovich


Born Mar. 14 (26), 1898, in the village of Sachikobao, in what is now Tskhakaia Raion. Soviet linguist. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR (1941).

Chikobava graduated in 1922 from the University of Tiflis, where he became a professor in 1933. His major works are devoted to general linguistics, the history and structure of the Caucasian languages, and ergative sentence construction. He compiled the Chan-Mingrelian-Georgian Dictionary (1938) and edited the Defining Dictionary of the Georgian Language (vols. 1–8, 1950–64) and numerous publications devoted to Caucasian studies. Chikobava has been awarded three Orders of Lenin and two other orders.


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In Russian translation:
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