Chiladze, Tamaz Ivanovich

Chiladze, Tamaz Ivanovich


Born Mar. 5, 1931, in the city of Signakhi. Soviet Georgian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1967.

Chiladze graduated from the department of philology of the University of Tbilisi in 1954. He was first published in 1951. His works deal with contemporary problems, and his hero is usually a young man of the 1950’s or 1960’s seeking a place in life. Chiladze became editor of the journal Sabchota khelovnebi (Soviet Art) in 1973.


[Chilaze, T’.] Lek’sebi. Tbilisi, 1956.
Mot’xrobebi. Tbilisi, 1972.
Mkvleloba. Davicqebuli ambavi. Kiesebi. Tbilisi, 1976.
In Russian translation:
Seti zvezd. Tbilisi, 1961.
Progulka na poni. Tbilisi, 1963.
Pervyi den. Tbilisi, 1965.
Kto zhivet na zvezdakh. [Foreword by E. Mal’tsev.] Moscow, 1970.
Belyi dym: Povesti i roman. Tbilisi, 1973.


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