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Stepping into the Gap: Contemporary Children's Fantasy Literature as a Doorway to Spirituality.
Consolation in Un/certainty: The Sacred Spaces of Suffering in the Children's Fantasy Literature of George MacDonald, C.
The relationship between translation and the genre of children's fantasy literature informs why the American editors of the series would have chosen to alter the original texts, and helps to flame the historical precedents and anxieties that affect the reception of foreign children's books in the United States.
As a genre, children's fantasy literature works to enable youth to develop their reading practices through making sense of the familiar.
testimony relating to Rowling and her agent Chris Little, and evidence from experts in Children's fantasy literature demonstrating startling similarities between the two books.
The book, launched last year, is the writer's first venture into children's fantasy literature.
For anyone interested in these works, what has been said about them, or their place in the pantheon of children's fantasy literature, Hunt and Lenz's study will prove both accessible and useful.
Quests And Kingdoms; A Grown-up's Guide To Children's Fantasy Literature by K.
Though the text focuses especially on the three franchises in the title, Harry Potter, Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings also discusses broader implications of children's fantasy literature in its depictions of the occult, its connections to Wicca and neopaganism, and its usage by corporations to mass-market products and cement a consumerist mentality in young people as early as possible in life.
Jubilant color illustrations by Ronit Berkovitz and a creative, fun-filled story combine in this highly enjoyable "kid friendly" tale that fits right in to the world of Oz and introduces young readers (especially those who are on the cusp of graduating from picture books to novels), to an enchanting and classic world of children's fantasy literature.
Children's fantasy literature is a special form of imaginative self-transcendence that works in similar fashion to equip children to transcend difficult circumstances in their present lives and to hope for something better in the future.
10) See, for example, arguments such as those of Pat Pinsent in "Revisioning Religion and Spirituality: Contemporary Fantasy for Young Readers" or Melody and Richard Briggs in "Stepping into the Gap: Contemporary Children's Fantasy Literature as a Doorway to Spirituality.

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