Chilean sea bass

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Chilean sea bass:

see toothfishtoothfish,
common name for a genus (Dissostichus) of deep-water marine ray-finned fishes found in waters off S South America to Antarctica. The Patagonian toothfish, D. eleginoides, is the northerly of the two species; the Antarctic toothfish, D.
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The baked Chilean sea bass with kumquat glaze didn't disappoint either.
The Thunder of the title was a notorious illegal factory fishing vessel that poached lucrative catches of toothfish, otherwise known as Chilean sea bass, for years in the Southern Ocean.
"We made two dishes--a pan-seared Chilean sea bass as our entree and a chocolate tamale as our dessert" says Cantalupo, supervisor of fresh foods at Food Circus Super Markets, based in Middletown, N.J.
These types include yellow fin and albacore tuna, Chilean sea bass, snapper, halibut and mahi mahi.
The guests, including Yvette Nicole Brown, Nathan Fillion, Tyler Shields and Michelle Trachtenberg, reportedly dined on an elaborate four-course meal which included Thai spiced prawns, arugula salad, Chilean sea bass and beef filet.
Chilean sea bass marinated in lime/soy with aji amarillo & sour cream bas
The May Fair offers an "exquisite selection" of food such as Chilean sea bass, lobster risotto and grilled chorizo - in stark contrast to the fare given to patients.
He called the fearsome-looking specimen, with its bulging eyes and protruding teeth, Chilean sea bass, even though it's not a bass and doesn't swim off Chile's shores.
The Chilean Sea Bass with peppers is not exceptional but proves to be toothsome.
The trawler had been banned from fishing in the Antarctic since 2006, but was spotted casting gill nets, keeping only toothfish, renamed as Chilean sea bass, that are in high demand by restaurants.
From 1 to 10 p.m., treat Mom to all the choices on the regular menu, plus specials like Black Angus beef wellington with black truffle hollandaise; grilled spiny lobster tail with homemade tagliatelle pasta, wild mushrooms, asparagus tips and a coconut curry sauce; pan roasted Chilean sea bass and herb roasted pork loin.
It's just the kind of experience Vincenzo delivers with his Chilean sea bass served with a red cabbage sauce, pecorino, broccoli and baby carrot.