Chilean sea bass

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Chilean sea bass:

see toothfishtoothfish,
common name for a genus (Dissostichus) of deep-water marine ray-finned fishes found in waters off S South America to Antarctica. The Patagonian toothfish, D. eleginoides, is the northerly of the two species; the Antarctic toothfish, D.
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It is a huge illegal business: Each of the ships could hold more than $1 million worth of Antarctic toothfish, marketed in North America as Chilean sea bass.
PATTIGEORGE'S serves up a bounty of fresh seafood, including great Chilean sea bass, along with breathtaking Sarasota Bay views in its charming dining room.
Chilean sea bass and sous vide duck with dehydrated popcorn
According to the New York Post, Nadal dined on Chilean sea bass, fried rice and noodles at a Manhattan Chinese restaurant every evening that he was not playing a night match, including on Sunday, before his finals battle against world No.
Another dish that contains large amounts of fatty acids is the Jap Tang Chilean sea bass, which includes a pan-seared Patagonian fish, sauteed shrimp, scallops, squid and mussels.
The main course consisted of filet mignon, New York strip, Chilean sea bass and lamb.
Farmed pigs have few champions to match the outraged ecologists who swung the tide of public taste away from over-fished Chilean sea bass and orange roughy a decade ago.
With the appearance of a shark, cobia grows six times as fast as salmon, is high in omega-3s, and tastes like popular and expensive Chilean sea bass and halibut.
Choose herring or sardines over Chilean sea bass and then take Roberts' wonderful book to bed with you.
I knew that Chilean sea bass was really big and I didn't want to buy a whole one, but thankfully [the hosts] let me buy a cut of it from a seafood market.
Also of concern, but to a slightly lesser extent, are orange roughy, Chilean sea bass, blue crab, lingcod, Spanish mackerel, spotted seatrout, wahoo, grouper, snapper, halibut, tile fish, rock fish and sable fish, as well as blackfin, albacore and yellowfin tuna.
After all that thinking, there was only one dish that I tried last night: Chilean Sea Bass with Shengachi aamti (Akerkar's grandmother's recipe, the menu said).