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A warm, dry, descending wind in Tunisia, resembling the sirocco; in southern Algeria it is called chichili.


D.L. Abt. A language for systems programming, based on ALGOL 60 with extensions for structures and type declarations.

["CHILI, An Algorithmic Language for Systems Programming", CHI-1014, Chi Corp, Sep 1975]
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Kraft Foods will also host a sampling area all three days where chiliheads can sample chili and cheesy recipes from the Kraft Kitchens.
Hawkins believes (and half of the country's chiliheads agree) that beans are a desecration.
The society aims to further the camaraderie of chiliheads on behalf of charitable and non-profit organizations in the world.
March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time in its history, the International Chili Society, which has been crowning chili champions since 1967, is conducting a formal open bid process to bring together the world's Chiliheads for the World's Championship Chili Cookoff.