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Bristol-based cooling specialist, Cool-Therm, has announced that it has installed a new Turbomiser chiller at a flexible packaging manufacturer in order to maximise energy savings.
Investments in an upgraded test loop have earned it a Eurovent qualification for the testing of air cooled chillers greater than 600 kW.
Over the course of the contract, Carrier China will supply energy efficient equipment, which is expected to include up to 200 Evergreen 19XR centrifugal chillers and 100 Aquaforce 30XW high efficiency screw chillers.
We are not utilizing traditional Way of using waste heat recovery boiler to generate hot Water or steam to feed Absorption Chiller as this system is not considered as energy efficient system because of low boiler efficiency and low COP of hot Water chiller.
World-class technology "The new chillers will be used in central air-conditioning systems across commercial, industrial and institutional users in the region.
USCS were selected based on their delivery of chiller services and solutions as well as district cooling and energy services that are provided with the primary goals of reliability, energy and water savings being of paramount importance.
Comprising nine chillers, the Rhoss Micro Powercool series from Coolmation
f] is the specific heat of the water/glycol mixture flowing through chiller and storage, [T.
steam absorbers are about half the cost of refrigerant chillers .
At a time of rising energy costs for industry, the installation of a Powermaster TECS chiller will significantly reduce fuel consumption, helping to minimise the effect of the Climate Change Lew.
Use the chiller on all M149-series trailers, the 250- and 400-gal water trailers, the 50-gal fabric drums and even 5-gal cans.
A water chiller uses active refrigeration and can take the coolant to below-ambient temperatures.