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(both: jē`lo͞ong`),




(both: kē`lo͞ong`), city (1995 pop. 368,771), N Taiwan, on the East China Sea. Because of its excellent harbor it is an important port, naval base, and fishing port. It has several large shipyards. Chemicals, machinery, fertilizers, and marine products are also produced. Coal and gold are mined nearby. The city has extensive rail connections and is a major commercial center. Occupied by the Spanish in 1626, it passed (1641) to the Dutch, who lost it to invading Chinese under KoxingaKoxinga
, Mandarin Kuo-hsing-yeh [lord of the imperial surname], 1624–62, Chinese general, whose original name was Chêng Ch'êng-kung. From 1646 to 1660 he led many unsuccessful campaigns of Ming dynasty loyalists against the invading Ch'ing dynasty.
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 in 1662. It passed to the Manchus in 1683. The port was opened to Western trade in 1860. Captured by the Japanese in 1895 and renamed Kirun, Chilung remained under their rule until 1945.



(also Keelung), a city and port in Taiwan Province, China. Population, 313,700 (1969). Situated on the northeastern coast of the island of Taiwan, Chilung is one of the ports of Taipei. The port handles approximately 3 million tons of freight annually. A commercial and industrial center, Chilung has chemical, cement, food-processing, and fishing industries. Machine building, especially shipbuilding, also plays an important role in the city’s economy.


, Chi-lung
a port in N Taiwan: fishing and industrial centre. Pop.: 406 000 (2005 est.)