Chimney cap

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chimney cap

[′chim·nē ‚kap]
A cornice forming the uppermost portion of a chimney.
(civil engineering)
A rotary device fitted to a chimney and moved by the wind so that the chimney is turned away from the wind to permit the escape of smoke while rain or snow is prevented from entering the chimney.
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Chimney cap

A cornice forming a crowning termination of a chimney.
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chimney cap, bonnet

chimney cap with corbel, 1
chimney cap, 1
1.An abacus or cornice forming a crowning termination of a chimney.
2. A rotary device, moved by the wind, which facilitates the escape of smoke by turning the exit aperture away from the wind, preventing the entry of rain or snow and improving the draft.
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The chimney cap required a steel frame, poured concrete, and a stone veneer to create the illusion of stone piers.
However, if the chimney cap is in perfect shape, and the flue is open to the air, there may be another option.
The chimney cap and flashing where the chimney is attached to the house should be thoroughly checked by a competent mason, and needed repairs should be made.
The chimney sweep can also do a cursory inspection to look for loose mortar and bricks, cracks in the chimney liner and any other possible problems like missing chimney caps. The caps help to keep debris, birds and other animals out of the chimney.
At Puerto Petro the pyramidal stone kitchen ventilator is an Utzon touch, but the chimney caps in concrete emulate the local detail of inclined slabs of limestone: local not just to the southeast part of the island, but to the immediate area around Santanyi.
Our clients not only get the best quality of work done but also high quality chimney caps Portland that keeps wild animals away, prevent rain water dripping down your chimney, prevent cold air and keep your home warm as well as more energy efficient."
* Add chimney caps, or replace them if they're damaged.
The top few feet of the chimney, in many cases, may be loose, along with the chimney caps. Unless these problems are checked promptly, they can lead to much more extensive work.