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a genus of evergreen conifers of the family Taxodiaceae. The crown is narrowly pyramidal. The leaves are linear-lanceolate, sharp-pointed, more or less spirally arranged, and shining. The cones are 3–4 cm long, roundish ovate, with greatly reduced seeds; they mature in the first year and do not fall off the tree. The seeds are narrowly winged. There are two known species. Cunninghamia konishil is native to Taiwan. The China fir (C. lanceolata) is widely distributed in the temperate regions of China, where its soft, lightweight, aromatic, and rot-resistant wood is used for buildings and various wood products. The China fir is cultivated as an ornamental on the Black Sea Shore of the Caucasus, where it grows and propagates well.


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China fir was smasher and sieved, and the particle at 40-80 mesh was dried at 100[degrees]C for above 12 h before being used.
PP was an uneven-aged stand which was only composed of 1-5-year-old plants, while China fir was an even-aged stand of 15-54 years in tree age, therefore, the mean aboveground carbon sequestration of PP and China fir stands were 8.13 [+ or -] 2.15 and 3.35 [+ or -] 2.02 tC/ha/yr, respectively (Yen & Lee., 2011).
In contrast, the mean aboveground carbon sequestration of Masson pine and China fir stands increase with increasing tree ages up to 12-15 years and decrease slowly thereafter.
IF OUR balance of trade with China wasn't so one-sided due to a grossly undervalued Chinese currency and over-supplied credit I would welcome the ECHO headline of March 10 even more (Mersey plans for 1,000 China fir ms).
A friend grows the China fir, which is noted for its big, pointed needles, dark green cast and general exotic air,.
Effect of oxidation on heat fixation of compressed wood of China fir. Forestry Studies in China 2(1):73-79.
Meanwhile, it appears new diffraction peak different from China fir wood flour at 25deg, and the peak becomes stronger and stronger with the extension of time, which shows that new crystalline region comes about.

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