Chinese bond

rat-trap bond

A modification of Flemish bond with the stretchers laid on edge.
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This is all the more true since the Chinese bond market will attract Japanese carry buyers and the Politburo is still hawkish on inflation.
Half a year after its debut, the ETF already grows into the largest RQFII bond ETF in the US market, introducing a new way into Chinese bond market for US money market funds with low interest rate and bank deposit market, becoming an indicator reflecting US investors' interest in Renminbi.
Global Banking News-21 May 2010-UBS says Chinese bond market may open up to foreign firms(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
The issue of US dollar bonds will reduce the money used for foreign exchange purchase and is a step towards the liberalisation of the Chinese bond market.
China Development Bank Corp, a Chinese bond issuer and creditor to international energy projects, has said that its net profit has increased.
The launch of Reuters Chinese bond reference rates brings the global and domestic trading community trustworthy bond market benchmarking tools.
HONG KONG and NEW YORK, May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Bloomberg, the leading global provider of data, analytics and news to the financial community, today announced that it has established the first China bond fixings in cooperation with the largest Chinese bond market participants.
Ronald Chan, Assistant Vice President, Fixed Income at MFC Global Investment Management explains: "We believe that the Chinese bond market is a frontier market, offering abundant opportunities for foreign investors.
Access to the Chinese Bond Market will provide the necessary flexibility to State Bank of Pakistan in diversifying & optimal management of Foreign Exchange Reserves in order to meet the associated objectives.
Calls SEC and credit rating agencies 'silent accomplices' in Chinese bond fraud
The SNB obtained a yuan investment quota, which it could invest a part of its foreign exchange reserves in the Chinese bond market.
So what to make of the recent seemingly bold moves to allow foreigners participating in the Chinese bond market and offshore banks in Hong Kong to transfer renminbi freely among them?

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