Chinese bond

rat-trap bond

A modification of Flemish bond with the stretchers laid on edge.
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The Chinese bond yields have been growing since late last year and can be regarded as the leading indicator of growth globally.
Summary: The Chinese bond market is the third largest in the world after the US and Japan with current outstanding at around $9.
In the long term, the BCT will be able to finance itself on the Chinese capital market and also on the Chinese bond market already open to central banks.
Meanwhile, SDR-denomination and RMB-settlement will boost RMB internationalization and improve global impact of Chinese bond market.
6 billion Chinese bond is due to finance a railway project between Hungary and Serbia, and the Xanga Investment and Development group won a 75-year license to operate the international airport in Hungary's second largest city, Debrecen.
Investors seeking access to China's strong growth via the bond market continue to face hurdles, including a lack of familiarity with the range of bonds available, restrictions on who can invest and how, and other aspects of the Chinese bond market," Goldman wrote in a recent research report.
Half a year after its debut, the ETF already grows into the largest RQFII bond ETF in the US market, introducing a new way into Chinese bond market for US money market funds with low interest rate and bank deposit market, becoming an indicator reflecting US investors' interest in Renminbi.
The topics include the high-speed growth of taxation in China: tax capacity and tax effort, re-interpreting the modern financial system: theory and choices based on the reality of China's endowment, the capital fund of China's state-owned banks, evidence and analysis of the preference of Chinese listed companies for equity financing, and an analysis of the backward development of the Chinese bond market based on corporate bonds.
The deal provides the cash-strapped country access to the Chinese bond market, making flexible for the country's central bank to diversify and manage its foreign exchange reserves, which are on decline due to repayment of $8 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Over the next 10 years, he believes, the Chinese bond market will rival the developed market, "and these strategies will be right there as they are building out.
Under the new rules, a group of around 120 institutional investors, whose bond holdings currently account for about 85 percent of the Chinese bond market's asset value, will be allowed to invest in non-financial firms' privately placed bonds, the report said, citing an unidentified bank source.
has stronger long-term economic fundamentals than China, Chinese bond purchases appear unimportant, China is more investment-dependent than ever, and is by far the world's largest greenhouse emitter.

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