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hard, white, translucent pottery with soft glazeglaze,
translucent layer that coats pottery to give the surface a finish or afford a ground for decorative painting. Glazes—transparent, white, or colored—are fired on the clay.
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, known as porcelainporcelain
[Ital. porcellana], white, hard, permanent, nonporous pottery having translucence which is resonant when struck. Porcelain was first made by the Chinese to withstand the great heat generated in certain parts of their kilns.
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. It originated in China but is now produced in various countries. Its composition is of kaolin and petuntse.
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crafts department where he purchased many fine pieces at a modest cost, kick-starting a lifetime interest in 20th-century Chinese ceramics.
Due to the input of cobalt blue materials and various skilled artisans, the integration of Chinese multi-ethnic culture and West Asia's strong demand for porcelain, the fantastic blue and white porcelain reached a peak in the Yuan Dynasty and turned a glorious page in the history of Chinese ceramics.
The world outside China is taking a new interest in the nation's culture, and there has been an increasing demand for Chinese ceramics from non-Chinese.
Chinese ceramics communications III; selected papers.
Chait Gallery in Beverly Hills will be hosting a March 17 auction of Important Chinese Ceramics and Asian Works of Art to welcome those travelers to US shores.
Experts will include Lars Tharp, a specialist in Chinese ceramics and Oriental works of art who has been a regular on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow for 20 years.
Asian highlights include a collection of 19th century Japanese dolls collected over a period of 30 years, a large ivory figure of a guanyin, a Chinese 6 panel coromandel screen, a large pair of Japanese Imari chargers and many groupings of Chinese ceramics and hardstone articles.
With the well-publicised rise in prices for Chinese ceramics, fine Chinese chilong vases can sell for thousands of pounds and there is a growing trend, I find, for anything vaguely oriental-looking to be described as Chinese - Japanese porcelain, in particular, is often mis-described in this way.
Husain s seminal "Untitled (The Three Muses, Maya Series)", estimated at $500,000-700,000, will be on offer September 10, as will ancient Chinese ceramics and jades on September 11-12.
The gallery is named after the son of ex-Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald, a former diplomat who donated his extensive collection of Chinese ceramics to Durham.
Outside of medicine his interests were broad, including Cape Dutch furniture, Chinese ceramics, vintage cars, motor cycling and wind-surfing.
THE vase is one of the most expensive lots going under the hammer at Sotheby's auction of fine Chinese ceramics and works of art at New Bond Street, London, on Wednesday.

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