Three Gorges Dam

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Three Gorges Dam,

607 ft (185 m) high and 7,575 ft (2,309 m) long, on the Chang (Yangtze) River, central Hubei prov., China, 30 mi (48 km) W of Yichang. The largest concrete structure in the world, the dam itself was constructed from 1994 to 2006. Its hydroelectric station has 32 turbines that can generate 22,500 MW, making it the largest in the world. In 2003 sluice gates were closed to begin flooding the scenic gorges for which the dam was named and filling a reservoir that is 410 mi (660 km) long and holds as much water as Lake Superior; the hydroelectric station became fully functional in 2012. Some 1.3 million people were moved in the process of creating the dam and reservoir.
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The report of a small size Chinese Dam near Demchok, Ladakh, on the Indus has ruffled Indians and they suspect that the China might soon go for building dams on the Sutlej upstream.
62 billion), the Chinese dam construction firm announced today.
IN Watermark, the co-directors examine the industrial potential, spiritual significance, and physical strength of water--travelling from a Chinese dam on the Yellow River to the Hindu Kumbh Mela festival on the Ganges to a surfing competition on the beaches of California.
17 July 2012 - China Construction Bank (HKG:0939;SHA:601939) and Bank of Communications (HKG:3328;SHA:601328) have been mandated joint lead underwriters for the forthcoming notes offer of Sinohydro Group Ltd (SHA:601669), the Chinese dam builder said on Tuesday.
The contracts for the dam were signed on March 15 last year and haven't taken effect because the financing for the project hasn't finished, Sinohydro, the Chinese dam maker that invests heavily overseas, said in a statement today, according to a Bloomberg report.
While this is a story about Chinese people opposing a Chinese dam on a Chinese river, the West's global economic policies and unquenchable thirst for cheap manufactured goods have also placed huge pressures on China's limited water and energy resources.
Sanctions added to Myanmar's woes, even as new President Thein Sein tried to address poverty, corruption and a troubling Chinese dam project.
This makes the Chinese dam operator the biggest single EDP shareholder.
Pakistan feels threatened by Indian dam building in Kashmir (Ahmad; Haseeb; Walton), while Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam have expressed concern over Chinese dam building on the upper reaches of the river they call the Mekong (Fawthrop; Richardson).
It also suspended work on a controversial Chinese dam despite the potential of antagonizing its closest ally.
Another fait accompli caught both India and Pakistan unaware: 2009 media reports presented evidence of a large Chinese dam on a tributary of the Indus River near Shiquanhe, less than one hundred kilometers from Jammu and Kashmir.
Unprecedented low water levels give rise to the apprehension that the future of the lower basin's water is in the hands of Chinese dam managers (Asia Times Online, 12 March 2004; Bangkok Post, 5 March 2004; The Economist, 30 December 2003; New York Times, 19 March 2005).

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