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a genus of evergreen conifers of the family Taxodiaceae. The crown is narrowly pyramidal. The leaves are linear-lanceolate, sharp-pointed, more or less spirally arranged, and shining. The cones are 3–4 cm long, roundish ovate, with greatly reduced seeds; they mature in the first year and do not fall off the tree. The seeds are narrowly winged. There are two known species. Cunninghamia konishil is native to Taiwan. The China fir (C. lanceolata) is widely distributed in the temperate regions of China, where its soft, lightweight, aromatic, and rot-resistant wood is used for buildings and various wood products. The China fir is cultivated as an ornamental on the Black Sea Shore of the Caucasus, where it grows and propagates well.


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Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook), which is one of the most important native tree species in China, exhibits excellent timber quality and fast growth (Tian et al.
CARD OF THE COURSE Yards Par 1 Tea Olive 445 4 2 Pink Dogwood 575 5 3 Flowering Peach 350 4 4 Flowering Crab Apple 240 3 5 Magnolia 495 4 6 Juniper 180 3 7 Pampas 450 4 8 Yellow Jasmine 570 5 9 Carolina Cherry 460 4 Out 3,765 36 Yards Par 10 Camellia 495 4 11 White Dogwood 505 4 12 Golden Bell 155 3 13 Azalea 510 5 14 Chinese Fir 440 4 15 Firethorn 530 5 16 Redbud 170 3 17 Nandina 440 4 18 Holly 465 4 In 3,710 36 Total 7,475 72
The animals in each time point were euthanized by perfusion through the left ventricle with 200-ml chilled phosphate-buffered saline (PBS 0.1 mol/L) (Chinese fir Biological Technology Co., Ltd., China), followed by 400-ml 4% paraformaldehyde in 0.1 mol/L PBS (pH 7.4).
Built with Chinese fir and brick, the property can be considered as one of the grandest courtyard residences of the era, according to Tainan City Government.
2015 average: 4.54 (rank 18) 14th (Chinese Fir), 440 yards, par four: The only hole on the course without a bunker but three-putts are common on the difficult green.
There will be several varieties of wood knife blocks--acacia, bamboo and Chinese fir, among others--paired with stainless-steel, cast-iron, graphite and other metallic accents and ornamental molding.
According to the WRQ (, domestic log prices have fallen much less than import prices during 2015, with Chinese fir sawlog prices declining less than six percent from the 1Q/15 to the 4Q/15.
Shen (1996) reported that Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook) plantations yielded 15 [m.sup.3]/ha/yr on trial sites when appropriate silviculture was used, in particular fertilizing and density management.
The Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook.) stands are located in Fenyi County, Jiangxi Province, southern China.
Specific topics include a novel polymer-supported catalyst for preparing sydiopolystyrene, the effects of disperse dyes on dyeing ethylated Chinese fir powder, the accumulation of heavy metals by wetland plants with different root systems in a karst mountainous area, analyzing the ductility performance of reinforced concrete coupling beams in shear wall structure, and producing biogas by the mesophilic fermentation of Conyza canadensis.
14th Chinese Fir 440 yards, par 4 2011 scoring stats - eagles: 0; birdies: 64; pars: 191; bogeys: 37; double bogeys or worse: 4 Difficulty ranking: 8 The fairway is lined by evergreens, but this is the only hole on the course without a single bunker.

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