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Professor Choi We Li, who works with the University of Chinghai, China, shared the prize for the individual effort for his effort in transferring the Islamic and Arab culture into the Chinese culture through a number of works, including the recitation of the holy Quran and Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Prophet Mohammed's Sayings Revision" and the editing of the Simplified Arab-Chinese Dictionary with Swiss Professor Hana Lura Le Yanka who is the honorary President of the International Standing Congress for Universities Institutes for Translators for her effort in developing translation studies and training of translators.
China proposes twinning between Chinghai and Port-Sudan
The meeting also touched on inviting businesswomen to take part in Expo Chinghai Exhibition 2010, due to be held in the forthcoming October to enhance the trade cooperation between the Omani businesswomen and their Chinese counterparts.