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China: see QinghaiQinghai
or Tsinghai
, province (2010 pop. 5,626,722), c.279,000 sq mi (722,797 sq km), W China. Xining is the capital. Qinghai lies in the Tibetan highlands at an average elevation of 9,800 ft (3,000 m) and is mainly a high, desolate plateau.
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, Tsinghai, Chinghai
1. a province of NW China: consists largely of mountains and high plateaus. Capital: Xining. Pop.: 5 340 000 (2003 est.). Area: 721 000 sq. km (278 400 sq. miles)
2. the Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese name for Koko Nor
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The meeting also touched on inviting businesswomen to take part in Expo Chinghai Exhibition 2010, due to be held in the forthcoming October to enhance the trade cooperation between the Omani businesswomen and their Chinese counterparts.
In the field of Individual efforts, each of Professor Choi We Li of Chinghai University of China, who has conducted a number of translations in the field of transferring the Islamic and Arabic culture into Chinese language, and Professor Hana Lura Li Yanka, of Switzerland, who is currently the Honorary President of the Permanent International Conference for University Institutes for Translators, won the prize in recognition of their efforts to develop studies on translation, training and qualifying of translators.