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Chinook jargon,

lingua francalingua franca
, an auxiliary language, generally of a hybrid and partially developed nature, that is employed over an extensive area by people speaking different and mutually unintelligible tongues in order to communicate with one another.
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 of early traders on the Northwest Coast of the United States and Canada. It included Chinook, Nootka, English, and French words, with various borrowings.
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Another requirement is that teachers speak only Chinuk Wawa when children are in the classroom - and gently but relentlessly prod students to do the same.
For Whisler, 51, a petite, blond grandmother, the opportunity to learn Chinuk Wawa was "a godsend.
As an adult, Whisler would invite her aunts over for pastries and coffee, just to hear their Chinuk Wawa.
As a young man, he sought out fluent speakers of Chinuk Wawa, including Antone Luscier, his late grandfather's best friend and the elder Johnson attributes learning the language to.
Finally, "a huge amount of credit" goes to Eula Petite, a Grand Ronde elder and elementary teacher who taught Chinuk Wawa to community members in the 1970s and 1980s.