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Greece: see KhíosKhíos
or Chios
, island (1991 pop. 51,060), c.350 sq mi (910 sq km), E Greece, in the Aegean Sea, just W of Asia Minor. It is mountainous and is famous for its scenic beauty and good climate. The highest point is Mt. Elias (c.4,160 ft/1,270 m).
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(also Khios), a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, near Asia Minor. Area, 830 sq km. Elevations on Chios range to 1,297 m. The island is composed primarily of limestones and shales. Chios has mediterranean shrub-type vegetation and groves of Aleppo pine. There are olive orchards, citrus fruit plantations, and vineyards. Goats are raised, and sardines and mackerel are caught. Antimony is mined at Melanios. The port of Chios is located on the island’s eastern coast.

Chios was one of the centers of the Aegean culture. The island’s earliest inhabitants were Leleges and Carians. These tribes inhabited Chios until the early first millennium B.C., when they were driven out by the Ionians. In the eighth century B.C. the island became a polis, whose economy was based on trade and handicrafts. The city of Chios was the island’s capital. The island produced the best wine, mastic, marble, and figs in Greece. It was also the site of the earliest Greek slave market. Chios was a center of ancient literature and art; it is believed to be the birthplace of Homer.

In the second half of the first century A.D., Chios fell under Roman rule. Between the fourth and 13th centuries, the island was controlled by Byzantium. It was subsequently a Genoese possession. The Turks ruled Chios from 1566 until 1912, when the island became part of Greece.

In southern Chios, near the village of Pyrgi, is the sanctuary of Apollo Phanaios (established ninth century B.C.), which has a noteworthy temple (second half of the sixth century B.C.). Also of interest is the medieval fortress of the Byzantine monastery of Nea Moni (1042–56).



a city and port in Greece, on the island of Chios in the Aegean Sea. Capital of the nome of Chios. Population, 24,100 (1971). Wine and fruits are exported.

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1. an island in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Turkey: belongs to Greece. Capital: Chios. Pop.: 51 936 (2001). Area: 904 sq. km (353 sq. miles)
2. a port on the island of Chios: in ancient times, one of the 12 Ionian city-states. Pop.: 54 000 (1995 est.)
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In the 1300s and 1400s, when Chios was governed by the Republic of Genoa, the punishment for stealing up to 10 pounds of mastic resin was the loss of an ear; for more than 200 pounds, you were hanged.
A useful starting point is the work of Chouliaraki and Georgiou (2017) on the communicative architecture of the border, not least because their conceptual framework is, incidentally, derived from an ethnographic study on Chios. Approaching the "European border as a communicative space of power" (p.
But not every resident on Chios is a passionate mastic fan.
It was then that Angie decided to explore other destinations that she could help and her last endeavour, before jetting off to Lebanon to start work with the International Relief Organisation, was to aid refugee children in Chios.
This discovery, in connection with the above mentioned antioxidant and hypolipidemic activities of Chios mastic gum led us to the hypothesis that mastic and particularly its neutral fraction (NMF) containing phytosterol-like compounds, could possess antiatheromatic activities, because of the well established effect of plant sterols on the atheromatic disease (Ling and Jones, 1995).
About 1,500 migrants and refugees who arrived on Chios since March 20 were being held at the facility.
Police said they had found in the man's possession cameras, laptops, maps and glasses with an embedded camera, and an email the he had sent last week to an unidentified recipient with details on Greek warships and army vehicles on Chios.
Chios is the fifth largest Greek island and was the birthplace of Greek shipping magnate Stavros Livanos.
"Gladly" may be an exaggeration, but Michael Robinson did the heavy lifting in terms of carrying this forward with the active support of our National Directors, Professor Michael Scharf, (5) our United States Director here at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and Chios Carmody, (6) our Canadian Director from The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law.
Thea European Commission declared, on 19 October, incompatible with EU regulation three state aid schemes concerning the rescheduling of debts in a series of Greek departments (Kastoria, Euboea, Florina, Kilkis, Rhodopos, Evros, Xanthi, Dodecanese and the islands of Lesbos, Samos and Chios).
It is cultivated for its aromatic resin on the Greek island of Chios, in the Aegean Sea.
"This flight will give us the chance to meet our manufacturers and the Cooperative of Mastiha Growers on the island of Chios in Greece, as well as strategize for 2011 growth with key shareholders at the mastihashop offices in Athens."