chip package

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chip package

The housing that integrated circuits (chips) are placed in. The package is then either plugged into (socket mount) or soldered onto (surface mount) the printed circuit board. Creating a mounting for a chip might seem trivial, but chip packaging is a complicated industry. Being able to provide more interconnections to a bare chip (bare die) that is increasingly shrinking in size is an ever-present problem. In addition, smaller package sizes allow more chips to be placed inside phones and other handheld devices. See BGA, CDIP, CERDIP, CERQUAD, CLCC, DIP, flatpack, package on package, PLCC, QFP, MCM, MCP, SOP, SOIC, SOJ, TSOP and ZIP.

Empty Chip Package
Packages are empty vessels into which the bare chip is placed. Tiny wires connect the leads on the package with the leads on the chip.

Wire Bonding
This bare microcontroller chip from Microchip is approximately 4x5mm. It is mounted in this special glass package to show how wires are bonded from a chip to the package leads.

They Don't Get Much Smaller
These microcontrollers from Microchip are about as small as they come, and the packages are downright minuscule. See microcontroller.
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One particularly substantial benefit is the ability to simplify both chip package design and substrate design layout, thereby reducing layer counts in both structures.
The Moorestown platform chip package is close to half the size of the Menlow platform.<p>Copyright 2009 IDG Middle East.
The RFIC has 16 phase shifters, which control the beam shape and direction of the radar, but the total chip package size is just 5.5 x 5.5 mm2.
* A "Full Chip" V-I chip package that enables surface mount, low impedance interconnects to system boards.
The KCM and KRM Series capacitors are available either in a single chip or double chip package. High capacitance can be achieved with the double chip package by stacking two MLCCs together.
Nvidia is also developing future Tegra chips that have lower power consumption at similar usage patterns.<p>Nvidia has also dipped into the growing netbook market with its Ion platform, a chip package that brings high-definition graphics to low-cost PCs like netbooks.
Chip Package System Convergence Requires Holistic Approach