fermionic condensate

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fermionic condensate:

see condensatecondensate,
matter in the form of a gas of atoms, molecules, or elementary particles that have been so chilled that their motion is virtually halted and as a consequence they lose their separate identities and merge into a single entity.
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For magnetic fields as large as B ~ [10.sup.19] G, the antialigned magnetic moments of the quarks in the chiral condensate change the smooth crossover of the chiral transition to a sharp first-order transition.
This structure, called a chiral condensate, consists of quark-antiquark pairs, but only certain types of quarks pair up with certain types of antiquarks.
On the QCD side we have (a) the chiral condensate, [<[bar.q]q>.sub.T], providing information on chiral-symmetry restoration, and (b) the onset of PQCD as determined by the squared-energy, [s.sub.0](T), providing information on quark-deconfinement.
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