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An undesirable variation in the frequency of a continuous-wave carrier when it is keyed.
The sound heard in a code receiver when the transmitted carrier frequency is increased linearly for the duration of a pulse code.
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chirped pulse

A pulse in which the wavelength changes during the duration of the pulse. In a diode laser, chirp arises from direct modulation of the laser, because the refractive index changes with the electron density. The output of a laser may be chirped intentionally to create a high-powered, extremely short pulse. In this case, the initial pulse from an oscillator is stretched out using optics, amplified and then compressed back to its original duration.


(Common Hardware Reference Platform) A specification that was intended to make the PowerPC a standard platform. Also known as the PowerPC Reference Platform (PPCP), it defined minimum hardware requirements such as ports, sockets, bootstrap ROM and cache. Introduced in 1995, the first CHRP systems became available from Motorola in 1997. Since operating system support (OS/2, NT, Solaris and NetWare) for the PowerPC was halted, CHRP served mostly as a standard for Mac clones, which were short-lived. See Pegasos and Macintosh clone.
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And Martin has more input on the "bird lines" that will accompany the comic chirper.
England can fight fire with fire and there are enough good "chirpers" within the side who can give as good as they get but my message to them would be don't get distracted from the job of winning.
Second, nearly all the Securitate's informers (dubbed "chirpers" or ciripitorii) were recruited through blackmail, especially former "legionaries" (in other words, members of the Iron Guard, an ultranationalist, anti-Semitic, fascist movement active from 1927 until the 1940s).
There's not really any big chirpers or big sledgers, it is just England versus Australia.
For now, the silent males cluster around the few remaining chirpers in order to meet female crickets.
A piece, "Girl Chirpers' Bull Market," suggested that female crooners were in demand; band leaders Sammy Kaye, Jack Teagarden and Gary Gordon were looking for "lady singers."
Giant, ferocious sweet, feathery little chirpers, right?
The mute males seem to be coping, at least temporarily, by clustering around the few remaining chirpers, Zuk and her colleagues report in a Biology Letters paper released online.
She produces a large, robust sound that differentiates her from the chirpers who dominate her fach.
I'm sure he will get a few choice words when he comes to bat, but Kent are not really known as chirpers and I'm sure he's mature enough to shrug it off and play his natural game.
Among the males, infrequent chirpers (less than one call per minute) survived an average of 34 minutes before becoming bat food, while frequent chirpers (60 calls per minute) survived an average of 26 seconds.