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(kē'shənou`), formerly


(kĭsh`ənĕf'), city (1996 est. pop. 735,229), capital of Moldova, on the Byk River, a tributary of the Dniester. Major industries include food and tobacco processing, the assembly of consumer and electrical goods, and the manufacture of building materials, machinery, plastics, rubber, and textiles. Founded in the early 15th cent. as a monastery town, Chişinău was taken in the 16th cent. by the Turks and in 1812 by the Russians, who made it the center of Bessarabia. Romania held the city from 1918 to 1940, when it was seized by the USSR. The Jewish population, which formerly constituted about 40% of the total, was largely exterminated in World War II. Chişinău's educational and cultural facilities include a university (1945) and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.


See E. H. Judge, Easter in Kishinev: Anatomy of a Pogrom (1992).

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The Essay of the Holy Synod for the founding of the Diocese of Chisinau and Hotin asks for certain independence and for the existing local structures to be preserved, etc (15).
The "Bishkek - Chisinau - Saint Petersburg - Bishkek" travel costs of the Kyrgyz delegation were paid by Atambayev himself.
Next, they held a master class in Chisinau at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts and performed at the National Philharmonic.
In Chisinau, Kerry will meet with senior Moldovan officials to discuss bilateral issues, as well as Moldova's path toward European integration, it said.
on 11-12 June and the joint steps of Yerevan and Chisinau in that process.
The accompanying Chisinau National Philharmonic was technically precise and captured the Spanish flair of the music.
ENGLAND manager Roy Hodgson insists he has no concerns over the state of the pitch for tonight's World Cup qualifier against Moldova in Chisinau.
BANGOR City manager Neville Powell admits his team faces a journey into the unknown when they take on Moldova's FC Zimbru Chisinau in the first qualifying round of the Europa League.
The Daihinia project was started in the summer of 2006 by Vitalie Vrabie, based in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 22, 2011--BCR Chisinau to boost share capital to EUR39.
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