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Chlorate has been proven to inhibit the absorption of iodide in the thyroid, and--at high doses, particularly in sensitive groups such as children, pregnant women or people with thyroid dysfunction or iodine deficiency --can be a health hazard.
They can also be present in atmospheric deposits, contaminated sprinklers or irrigation water; from the unauthorised application of chlorate as a herbicide or via absorption from contaminated soil.
Hydrogen peroxide was tested in this study as a representative of the peroxide explosives, and potassium chlorate was tested as a representative of the chemical oxygen generators.
The indicators 2,3'-diphenylamine dicarboxylic acid, diphenylamine sulfonic acid, and diphenylamine were exposed to potassium chlorate to investigate the result as it applies to visual detection and screening.
one for chlorate testing, one for peroxide testing, and one for a control) were soaked in each of the indicator solutions.