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They washed them for five minutes in either the new treatment, hydrogen peroxide or chlorinated water.
Ukuku has discovered that a nisin-EDTA base solution works better than water, chlorinated water, or hydrogen peroxide at ridding cantaloupes, honeydew melons, and other produce of surface bacteria that migrate onto cut-up pieces.
Several studies have concluded that a potential risk of cancer is associated with the consumption of chlorinated water (Cantor, 1997; Tao, Zhu, & Matanoski, 1999).
London, Mar 17 (ANI): Spanish researchers have warned that people who regularly swim in chlorinated water or take lots of showers or baths could increase the risk of developing bladder cancer.
Altogether, 24,023 water containers (3805 rainwater and 20,218 chlorinated water containers) were searched, of which 524 (2.
In addition, questions were asked about the child's exposure to chlorinated water in the first two years of life.
Two varieties of fresh blueberries, Duke and Elliott, were washed in chlorinated water then dipped in one of five different edible coatings before being placed in storage containers during a two-year study.
chicken that had been processed with chlorinated water.
It meant tankers holding thousands of litres of clean, chlorinated water, were pumping directly into the mains to keep homes supplied.
All other tests, he said, including those for vegetative matter and trihalomethane, a byproduct of chlorinated water, were within state and federal standards.
For all congenital anomalies combined, a statistically significant excess risk was found for high versus low exposure to chlorinated water or to TTHM, but the analysis was based on a small number of studies.
In epidemiologic research, chlorinated water has been associated with a "higher total risk of combined cancers" and specifically with an increased risk of gastrointestinal cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer, and melanoma in humans.