Chlorine Water

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chlorine water

[′klȯr‚ēn ‚wȯd·ər]
A clear, yellowish liquid used as a deodorizer, antiseptic, and disinfectant.

Chlorine Water


an aqueous solution of chlorine. Chlorine water is obtained in a chlorinator by saturating water with chlorine (one volume of water will dissolve about 2.2 volumes of chlorine gas at 20°C). As chlorine water cools, chlorine hydrate is precipitated out—a compound of variable composition, Cl2 · nH2O (where n = 6 to 8)—in the form of yellow crystals, which melt with decomposition at 9.6°C. At ordinary temperatures, up to 50 percent of the chlorine dissolved in chlorine water undergoes hydrolysis: Cl2 + H2O ⇄ HClO + HCl. The HClO thus formed is decomposed by light to O2 and HCl. Chlorine water is a strong oxidizing agent. It is used for water disinfection and for bleaching fabrics.

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The reasons are that chlorination is more effective at low pH, and the long chlorine water contact time in the storage reservoir will then provide better inactivation of biological contaminants.
Tony Rodkey, Coordinator for the drill said, "The drill had three phases to it, the first was a chlorine liquid leak at the main chlorine water tanks located exterior to the pump building set off by a massive purge, causing patrons to have symptoms such as eye irritation and respiratory trouble.
Ali Mustafa, the GAPAR Director General said in a statement to SANA that the medical aid included medicines and 200,000 chlorine water purification tablets distributed in coordination with Damascus Countryside governorate to displaced families who are currently staying in the areas of Yelda, Bebila, and Beit Sahm in Damascus Countryside.
Swimming in chlorine water and lying on sand can irritate the skin.
Ali Mustafa, the GAPAR Director General said in a statement to SANA that the medical aid included antibiotics, saline solution and 200,000 chlorine water purification tablets.