Chocolate-Molding Equipment

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Chocolate-Molding Equipment


a group of automated integrated machines, linked by conveyors, for molding chocolate confectioneries, both with and without candy centers. The following operations are performed by chocolate-molding equipment: the molds are heated to 32°C and the chocolate is deposited into the molds, compacted by vibration, cooled, and removed from the inverted mold by impact or vibration.

In the production of chocolate confectioneries with candy centers, a chocolate shell with one open end is initially formed and cooled and then the candy filling is deposited into it. The filled shell is condensed and cooled and then chocolate is poured over it. The candy product is recooled and then removed from the mold onto a conveyor belt or plate moved by a conveyor. There is specialized and general-purpose chocolate-molding equipment, as well as equipment for the manufacture of certain chocolate items. Chocolate confectioneries with candy centers are produced using all the components of a general-purpose chocolate-molding machine, while chocolate bars, decorated chocolate confectioneries, and hollow figures are produced by excluding some components.


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