Choderlos de Laclos

Choderlos de Laclos:

see Laclos, Pierre Ambroise François Choderlos deLaclos, Pierre Ambroise François Choderlos de
, 1741–1803, French novelist and general, known as Choderlos de Laclos. He is best known for Les Liaisons dangereuses (1782; tr.
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Kumble, in fact, first dreamed up the idea of transforming the libidinous 18thcentury French courtiers in Choderlos De Laclos' "Les Liaisons Dangeruses" into wealthy and spoiled New York prep school students for the film.
At Harvard, a professor's advances persuaded her to abandon her thesis on Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, author of Dangerous Liaisons, and give up her dreams of studying at Oxford.
1782 - Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos published.
One event to take us back to the theatre and remind how thrilling a well written and well-acted play can be is Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) by Christopher Hampton, adapted from the 1782 novel of the same title by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.
His scholarly writings are found in the collections of prestigious libraries throughout the world and include a study quoted to be "the Bible" on the novel penned by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos' Dangerous Liaisons, made famous in America by the film starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich.
La prioridad otorgada a la sensibilidad individual, entiende el autor, coloca a La Mettrie en la linea de pensamiento de personajes como Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, Nicolas Restif de la Bretonne o el marques de Sade.
VVLEs Liaisons Dangereuses - Pierre Choderlos de Laclos I thought I should include something from studying foreign languages and literature at university for four years.
(7) Early in the novel, Kundera stops the narrative to tell his readers that he considers another eighteenth-century French novel of seduction, Les liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, "l'un des plus grands romans de tous les temps" / "one of the greatest novels of all time" (Lenteur 16, Slowness 9), largely because of its epistolary form.