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The public's heightened interest in the past and in the broadening of methods and modes of studying the country's history--from antiquity up to the present--shaped the preparation and publication of a new fundamental five-volume History of Kazakhstan (1996-2010), which was prepared by scholars at the Chokan Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology.
There are even symbols of Russian and Kazakh cooperation in Petropavlovsk: a plaque equating Fyodor Dostoevsky and Chokan Valikhanov stands in Petropavlovsk and a monument honoring the poets Alexander Pushkin and Abai Kunanbaev stands in the city (Kucera 2014, par.
A border city on the eastern frontier defended by Cossacks, Semey was home to the Russian writer Dostoyevsky, who spent a five-year period of exile in the city and developed a significant friendship with Chokan Valikhanov, who would, at Dostoyevsky's urging, write the first ethnography of his people.
This led the great Kazakh enlightener Chokan Valikhanov to comment that "all the Kyrgyz confess the Muslim religion or, to be more precise, call themselves Muslims though not knowing .
The Smithsonian online exhibition Discover Kazakhstan: The Expeditions of Chokan Valikhanov, which highlights the life and work of one of Kazakhstan's most revered explorers and ethnographers, was unveiled at the reception.