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see meteoritemeteorite,
meteor that survives the intense heat of atmospheric friction and reaches the earth's surface. Because of the destructive effects of this friction, only the very largest meteors become meteorites.
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(kon -drÿt) A type of stony meteorite that contains chondrules. They are the most abundant class of meteorite in the Solar System (about 86%). Chondrites are largely composed of iron- and magnesium-bearing silicate minerals with a wide range of compositions. Their chemical composition is similar to that of the Sun (but depleted in volatile gases like hydrogen and helium). Several types are recognized: carbonaceous chondrites have the highest proportions of volatile elements and are the most oxidized; enstatite chondrites contain the most refractory elements (withstanding high temperatures) and are reduced; ‘ordinary’ chondrites, the most common type, are intermediate in volatile element abundance and oxidation state. Ordinary chondrites plus some carbonaceous chondrites are thought to be primitive samples of early Solar-System material. See also asteroids. Compare achondrite.



the most common type of stony meteorite, accounting for 90 percent of all such meteorites. Chondrites are characterized by the presence of chondrules located in the primary, fine-grained mass of the meteorite (see). They contain a significant amount of nickel-bearing iron in the form of small grains that have the same composition and microstructure as the grains in octahedrites.


A stony meteorite containing chondrules.
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The REEs normalized to chondrite C1 (FIGURE 9a) show a higher REE content in garnet metabasites.
L chondrites still fall to Earth, but rocks like Ost 65 don't seem to; its parent body may have been obliterated by collisions long ago.
Scientists reconstructed a timeline of these collisions using a physics-based model, which reproduces the process through time, comparing its results with present-day information about chondrite meteorites.
Measurements of hydrogen isotopes in carbonaceous chondrites matched very well with Earth's water.
R chondrites are thought to have formed somewhere between Earth and Jupiter.
Most of the latter are chondrites which contain chondrules--small spheroidal objects a millimetre or so in diameter, some of the most primitive material in the Solar System.
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The rocks are carbonrich chondrites, ancient fragments of asteroids formed shortly after the birth of the Solar System 5bn years ago.
Ces diagrammes permettent de preciser les processus en jeu des systemes d'arcs insulaires modernes et anciens et incluent des diagrammes radiaux normalises pour les chondrites, pour les basaltes de dorsales oceaniques (MORB) et pour le manteau, lesquels son caracterises par des profils anguleux irreguliers des courbes de contenus en elements traces (en contraste avec les profils relativement reguliers des suites intra-cratoniques).
Chondrites reworked all other trace fossils and was the last bioturbation episode to have influenced the chalk.
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