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South Korea: see CheongjuCheongju
or Chongju
, city (1995 pop. 531,195), capital of North Chungcheong prov., W central South Korea. It is a transportation hub and a marketing and processing center for the surrounding agricultural region.
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a city in South Korea, on a river in the Kum-gang system. Capital of Chungchong-pukto (North Chungchong Province). Transportation junction. Population, 141,000 (1970). Chongju is a major center of the textile (including silk weaving) and tobacco industries. Other industries include agricultural machine building, the assembly of motor vehicles, food processing, and the manufacture of wood products. Products of the city’s chemical industry include rubber goods and soap. Nickel is mined in the vicinity of Chongju.

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On July 11th, three of them attacked a flight of four F-80Cs strafing NKPA troops near Chongju but failed to get any hits before the faster jets vacated the scene.
The Kofu Chamber of Commerce and Industry accepted a proposal by the Chongju chamber of commerce to cancel the ceremony in the central South Korean city to commemorate their 10-year sister relations, Kofu chamber officials said.
2, the Chongju chamber also said it hopes educators in Yamanashi Prefecture will use their knowledge and wisdom in choosing school history textbooks, the officials said.
The Kofu chamber replied to the Chongju chamber on Monday that it wants to hold the ceremony after bilateral relations improve again, they said.
He is professor of criminal law and environmental law at the Chongju University College of Law in Korea.
Many of the objects on display are drawn from the Early Printing Museum in Chongju City, South Korea, home to some of the world's oldest printed books.
Seowon is a major private university located in Chongju, the capital of Korea's North Chungchong Province.
Seowon University was established in 1968, and is a major private university located in metropolitan Chongju, the economic, cultural and government center of North Chungchong Province.
President Kim made the statement while receiving a report from the provincial government of North Chungchong Province in Chongju.
HIMS Korea completed usability and field-testing of this technology in cooperation with the Chongju School for the Visually Impaired.
The Company expects to construct a new facility on nine acres of land in Chongju Industrial Park located about 75 miles southeast from Seoul at an initial cost of approximately $16 million, with shipments expected to begin in late 1997.