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If anything, the fact that the choices of this group of decision-makers are stable across frames might make us more confident the choice reflects a considered judgment by the chooser.
Theme Chooser lets a user mix and match different parts of any theme, to create unique designs, and the Theme Store allows the user to download new themes.
this key group because the very definition of an inconsistent chooser is
Key to success in this market is driver appeal to attract company car choosers, together with competitive depreciation so that fleets can offer the best possible contract hire rates.
Just think--if you supplement your usual summer favorites with a couple of super-early varieties from Pleasant's article and a winter storage variety from the Chooser, you can expand your fresh, homegrown tomato season by several months.
Perhaps the greatest obstacles to fulfilling the promise of school choice, however, are the school choosers themselves.
Whether a particular intervention is motivated by the well-being of the chooser or instead that of third parties should affect our assessment of its acceptability.
I take exception to one thing in "An Epidemic of Meddling": lumping smoking into the category of personal choices that don't hurt anyone but the chooser.
OHIO -- In late February, approximately 13,500 families with school-age children in Dayton were mailed the My School Chooser guide profiling 83 of the city's public, private and charter schools.
Landing on the other choice, the cooperation perch, assigned a larger food reward for the neighbor but none for the chooser.
The exec favourite took top honours in the prestigious User Chooser category, voted for by the readers of Fleet Management magazine.
Courts concerned about allocative efficiency should therefore focus not on who is given the initial entitlement but rather on delegating the allocative choice to the litigant who is the more efficient chooser.