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The study of how organisms are distributed geographically.



the branch of biology that studies various biological phenomena in a spatial perspective. Phytochorology, or plant chorology, is the branch of plant geography concerned with the geographic distribution of species and other taxa of the plant kingdom; zoochorology deals with the distribution of animal taxa. Usually individual species or genera are studied.

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In order to think of the chora in Castoriadis' philosophy the psychic life of a person needs to be situated within the overall chorology of the social-historical domain.
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This volume collects botanical data on the taxonomy and chorology of species of the largest families of Compositae or Asteraceae (the aster, daisy, or sunflower family) of the Holarctic ecozone, which comprise 92 genera and 558 species found in Siberia, including a number being described for the first time.
Its chorology is completed for the Iberian Peninsula, some localities are new records for any province distribution and one refers to its phytocoenology.
Information about the most characteristic species is also included of the different types of habitat in the region and on the taxonomy and chorology new features that resoult from the study of this flora.
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As Sallis expresses it: "The Platonic chorology is rather something held back from the legacy, something not passed along, except for the traces remaining in the text of the Timaeus" (p.