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The study of how organisms are distributed geographically.



the branch of biology that studies various biological phenomena in a spatial perspective. Phytochorology, or plant chorology, is the branch of plant geography concerned with the geographic distribution of species and other taxa of the plant kingdom; zoochorology deals with the distribution of animal taxa. Usually individual species or genera are studied.

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Scarce or sometimes only very general information regarding chorology of some pteridophytes is included in the Flora of Tajikistan (Ovczinnikov, 1957) or other regional floras [e.
Compare Sallis, Chorology, 65-70; Taylor, Plato's Timaeus, 107-9.
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Chorology, collection dates, and taxonomic responsibility.
Nearing completion of the 14-volume set, Polozhij and Peschkova present information on the taxonomic composition, chorology, and ecology of the species in 13 families of plants naturally found in Siberia.
As Sallis expresses it: "The Platonic chorology is rather something held back from the legacy, something not passed along, except for the traces remaining in the text of the Timaeus" (p.