Chott Ech Chergui

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Chergui, Chott Ech


a sebkha (closed salt lake) in Algeria, north of the Saharan Atlas Mountains; situated at an elevation of 987 m. Chott Ech Chergui is actually a chain of three lakes joined together by narrow channels that dry up seasonally. The lakes stretch for a total of about 150 km; their width varies from a few kilometers to several dozen kilometers. The salt layer that forms on the surface during dry periods reaches a thickness of several dozen centimeters in some places.

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Les plus connues de ces zones humides sont les lacs Tonga, Oubeira, le Lac des oiseaux dans la wilaya d'El Tarf, Chott Ech Chergui (Saida, Naama, El Bayadh), Guerbes (Skikda), Chott El Hodna (M'sila et Batna) ainsi que de nombreux autres sites inscrits sur la liste de la convention de Ramsar des zones humides d'importance internationale.
The study area is near the inhabitant residences and limited to the east by the Chott Ech Chergui basin (Fig1).
Our species identification agrees with the study realized by [23] conducted in a zone of the large Chott Ech Chergui and which was mainly based on the relationship between the rodents and the plant biotope.