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a commerical establishment where meals can be bought and eaten. In the 16th cent. English inns and taverns began to serve one meal a day at a fixed time and price, at a common table, and usually distinguished by a special dish.
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What does it mean when you dream about a cafeteria?

Food in varieties and in abundance such as in a cafeteria or an “all one can eat” environment may suggest ideas that need to be digested. The statement “food for thought” may be a meaningful way of understanding this dream. Too much may mean one is fed up with a condition or relationship. If fear surrounds the selection of food, the dream may be indicating the basic fight or flight response to something threatening to eat you, or that a lot has been “eating at” the dreamer lately.

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"Huelete, wouldn't that God of yours want you to get out here extra early so we could have time to really enjoy the chow hall?"
I get cleaned up, breakfast at the huge chow hall; it's the size of a warehouse.
"About five weeks into basic training, we were on our way to the chow hall shouting 'trained to kill, kill we will.' We were threatened with push-ups because we were not showing enough enthusiasm.
The mission is finally over and you want to grab a quick shower before heading to the chow hall. But before you crawl out of your Bradley, think a second.
The march in the dark to the chow hall - all of these things, the making up of my bunk, to clean around to make sure there's not one piece of lint, to folding one's clothes properly and to hear him saying `I'm not your mother.' It was wonderful in retrospect.
The use of chow as a word is almost as varied as the ingredients in the original menus: chow down; chow up; chow hall; chow time, and chow hound.
Ermey had lunch at a chow hall at Arifjan, and then entertained diners with 10 minutes of jokes and observations.
Forty inmates riot in a chow hall. Twenty inmates riot in a maximum security cellblock killing a correctional officer.
I gave them little thought other tan what type chow hall they had, and wondered if they served ice cream.
Chow halls now feature skim and soy milk rather than whole milk, more prominently displayed produce, and a ban on deep-fried foods--only baked chicken and french fries are allowed.