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Christian Brothers:

see John Baptist de la Salle, SaintJohn Baptist de la Salle, Saint
, 1651–1719, French educator, founder of the Christian Brothers, b. Reims. He became a priest and canon of the cathedral. He spent his life teaching children of the poor.
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However, he added: "It was a very rough house but I must stress that if it wasn't for the Christian Brothers we would never have been educated, because our parents couldn't afford it.
Even after his retirement in 1989, when the Christian Brothers sold their wine and brandy-making operation in Napa, he remained active, making special appearances and speeches and spreading the good word about wine.
On the other hand, it has long been assumed, from one reference in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, that the Christian Brothers figured little in Joyce's life and that, in fact, his admiration for his Jesuit teachers was complemented by a contempt for the Brothers who educated many of his contemporaries.
I just took my frustration out on it, because of what that Christian Brother did to me.
It is this charism, rooted in the life of Blessed Edmund Rice, that inspires hundreds of men and women ministering in Edmund Rice Christian Brother schools to educate for justice and to better prepare men and women attending these schools to become leaders in the Church and society and to make a difference.
The movement would not have been possible without the valued help of the Christian Brothers, especially Brother Ernest who died in 2002.
Schoolmates claim he could be a "forgotten victim" of violence at the Christian Brothers home, which has been at the centre of a historic scandal.
He said: "The Ireland I grew up in, the Christian Brother was a respected "There were some of us Christian Brothers who spoiled the image.
He recalled that he had the "total encouragement" of his family as he became the first young man in the area to become a Christian Brother.
THE Catholic Church has turned a blind eye to the litany of sex abuses carried out by evil former Christian Brother Seamus Treacy.

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