Christian Endeavor

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Christian Endeavor,

association in evangelical Protestant Churches for strengthening spiritual life and promoting Christian activities among its members. The first Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor was started in 1881 by Dr. Francis E. ClarkClark, Francis Edward,
1851–1927, American Congregational clergyman, founder of Christian Endeavor. He was born of American parents in Aylmer, Que., and was graduated from Dartmouth College in 1873.
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 in Portland, Maine. Within a few years the organization had become not only interdenominational but international, and a world union was formed in 1895, with Clark as president. Started primarily as a youth movement, the association now includes all age groups and numbers in the millions. Many denominations are represented in the association's membership.
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Despite rumor-mongers who said that Diversity Awareness would be a never-ending Christian endeavor at the St.
Third, there is no reference in the review to the second half of the book, which deals with implications of voluntarism for a wide-ranging span of Christian endeavor from local congregations to parachurch and mission organizations.
She belonged to the First Congregational Church in Swampscott and the Christian Endeavor Society.
Long before I was born (in December 1924), they were wonderful people, faithful, devout, loyal Presbyterians, but they were also strongly influenced by the global, evangelical, mission-oriented Christian Endeavor movement, which was not very conventional.
He and his wife were active members of the former Raymond Memorial Church in Millbury and Worcester County Christian Endeavor.
Instead of acknowledging public behavior that the church found offensive and then condemning McCusker to separation from the community, the church could have made the same acknowledgment of the public reality while exercising the mercy and forgiveness that we understand is at the core of the Christian endeavor.
At least 40 volunteers, she said, donate their time to make the food pantry at Mary, Queen of the Rosary Parish on Maple Street a truly Christian endeavor.
I hold two guiding images in this work: One is the awful moment of the denial of Jesus by Peter and the realization that the Christian endeavor survived; the other is that of Jesus at table with all of his disciples, including the denier, the betrayer and the doubter.

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