Christian Krohg

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Krohg, Christian


Born Aug. 13, 1852, in Vestre Aker, near Christiania, now Oslo; died Oct. 16, 1925, in Oslo. Norwegian painter.

Krohg studied in Karlsruhe and Berlin from 1874 to 1879. In 1909 he became a professor and director of the Academy of Art in Christiania. Krohg created a wide range of realistic genre pictures and psychologically penetrating portraits; with great warmth of feeling he portrayed sailors struggling against the elements (Hard to Port!, 1879; Rough Wind, 1882, Royal Palace, Oslo), as well as poor city folk (Portrait of a Girl, 1886). Certain of his works also contained criticisms of society, such as Albertine in the Police Station (1886–87; all works mentioned, except one, are in the National Gallery in Oslo).


Gauguin, P. Christian Krohg. Oslo, 1932.
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They were 'the bourgeoisie's disobedient sons' with Hans Jaeger (1854-1910) and Christian Krogh (1852-1925) as its leading figures--shocking news to Christiania's good citizens.

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