Christian Reformed Church

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Christian Reformed Church,

denomination formed after the secession of a group from the Reformed Church in AmericaReformed Church in America,
Protestant denomination founded in colonial times by settlers from the Netherlands and formerly known as the Dutch Reformed Church. The Reformed Church in Holland emerged in the 16th cent.
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 in 1857. Colonists from Holland who began settling in Michigan in 1846 generally became members of the Reformed (Dutch) church there. A number of these immigrants, dissatisfied with the doctrinal laxity and practices of that church, separated from it in 1857 and united in a new congregation at Holland, Mich. Later other congregations of this "True Holland Reformed Church" were formed in neighboring states. Missionary work in Holland led many Dutch immigrants to join this church upon their arrival in the United States. In 1882, after a new secession movement in the Reformed Church in America, caused by the General Synod's refusal to condemn Freemasonry, a considerable addition to the church was made. In 1890 it adopted the name Christian Reformed Church; in that year it was joined by the True Reformed Dutch Church (1822) of New York and New Jersey. Its constitution is an adaptation of that approved by the Synod of Dort (1619). Its doctrines are drawn mainly from those of the Reformed Church in Holland. The church, which has approximately 280,000 members in the United States and Canada (1997), is very active in mission work.


See the centennial publication One Hundred Years in the New World (1957); P. DeKlerk and R. R. DeRidder, ed., Perspectives on the Christian Reformed Church (1983).

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In about two blocks, turn left in the median of the street when you see the Friendship Agape Church and San Jose Christian Reformed Church signs on the left.
Dutch Reformed Churches in West Michigan experienced a schism over the issue of Americanization, which led to the establishment of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in 1857.
She was the consistent church attendee, so their son, Nathan, would attend her church and she would teach him the Bible from the Christian Reformed Church lens.
Within that year, the group was organized into a congregation by the Christian Reformed Church of the U.
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Data collected by the Christian Reformed Church revealed that 28 percent of adult church members had experienced at least one form of abuse, according to the Journal of Religion and Abuse.
The authors of the essays are leaders of these organizations--the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches, the National Apostolate for Inclusion Ministry, the Christian Reformed Church, the Religion and Spirituality Division of the American Association on Mental Retardation, and others--who present the history of their work, summarize what was done before 1950, and discuss developments and "model practices.
Learning To Count To One: The Joy And Pain Of Becoming A Multiracial Church is a collection of testimonies from various authors belonging to the denomination of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
Reverend Peter Borgdorff, head of the Christian Reformed Church, said, "As signatories, we are committing ourselves to use our influence as evangelical leaders to focus attention and prompt action of Christian believers to work to limit the emissions that are contributing to disastrous climate change.
Hart traces this form of Protestantism in groups such as Lutherans, Scottish Presbyterians, the German Reformed Church, and the Christian Reformed Church.
That is, until he came out to the whole school, which is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church, in a letter to the editor of the campus newspaper.

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