Christian VII

Christian VII,

1749–1808, king of Denmark and Norway (1766–1808), son and successor of Frederick V. Shortly after his accession his mental illness made him dependent on his physician, StruenseeStruensee, Johann Friedrich
, 1737–72, Danish politician, b. Germany. As physician to Christian VII he gained complete mastery over the insane king and became the favorite of the young queen, Caroline Matilda.
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, who in 1770 caused the dismissal of minister of foreign affairs Johann Hartwig Ernst BernstorffBernstorff, Johann Hartwig Ernst
, 1712–72, Danish politician, of German (Hanoverian) origin. As minister of foreign affairs (1751–70) under Frederick V and Christian VII, he successfully kept Denmark at peace.
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 and in 1771 became an all-powerful minister. After Struensee's downfall (1772), Christian's marriage with Caroline Matilda, sister of George III of England, was annulled. Andreas Peter BernstorffBernstorff, Andreas Peter
, 1735–97, Danish politician; nephew of Johann Hartwig Ernst Bernstorff. Made (1773) foreign minister after Struensee's fall from power, he obtained from Russia the final ratification of the exchange treaty negotiated by his uncle in 1767.
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 became chief minister in 1773, and after 1784 Christian's son and successor, Frederick VI, acted as regent. Widespread liberal reforms were enacted under the direction of Bernstorff and Prince Frederick, notably the abolition of serfdom.
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1808Danish crown prince Frederick VI ascends the throne following the death of his father Christian VII.
An intriguing love triangle is played out between the Danish King Christian VII, who is slowly losing his mind, Struensee, the royal physician who is a man of enlightenment and idealism and the young but strong Queen Caroline Mathilda who falls for him.
Period drama A Royal Affair (2012) is set in 18th-century Denmark, where Princess Caroline Matilda of Great Britain has been sent to marry King Christian VII. The film won two Silver Bears at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.
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The historical drama A Royal Affair is set in 1767, when the British princess Caroline is betrothed to the mad king Christian VII of Denmark, but her life with the erratic monarch in the oppressive country becomes an isolating misery.
The story opens as the teenaged Queen Caroline (Alicia Vikander) arrives from England to wed King Christian VII (Mikkel Boe Folsgaard).
Caroline Mathilde is married off to her cousin King Christian VII, whose mental instability is exploited by the council.
(Fri, Electric) *** A Royal Affair (15) Danish costume drama about the relationship between mentally ill King Christian VII and German physician Johann Struensee who used his influence to get reforms passed while having an clandestine affair with the Queen.
He plays Johann Friedrich Struensee, the physician of King Christian VII (Mikkel F[degrees]lsgaard), who appears to be going mad despite his tender years.
Caroline (Alicia Vikander) - an English princess and the sister of George III - is dispatched to Copenhagen to become the bride of King Christian VII (Mikkel Folsgaard) who appears to be a few rashers short of the full batch of Danish bacon.
He plays Johann Friedrich Struensee, the physician of King Christian VII (Mikkel F[degrees]lsgaard) who appears to be going mad despite his tender years.
Helmer Nikolaj Arcel reaches back to 18th-century Denmark to spin a real-life tale of intrigue, power, money, sex, love and betrayal in the handsome, character-driven historical drama "A Royal Affair." Taking the perspective of unhappy Queen Caroline Mathilda, the British princess who cuckolded mad King Christian VII with his German physician, Johann Friedrich Struensee, the film stretches credibility and historical fact in suggesting that she was the driving force behind the enlightened reforms of the short-lived "Struensee era." No matter; TrustNordisk presold most territories on star Mads Mikkelsen's name and a steamy teaser, although this is no potboiler.

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