Christian Wilhelm Blomstrand

Blomstrand, Christian Wilhelm


Born Oct. 20, 1826, in Vensjón, Småland; died Nov. 6, 1897, in Lund. Swedish chemist and mineralogist. Professor at the University of Lund (from 1862). Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.

Blomstrand studied chloride and bromide compounds of tin and molybdenum; he also obtained metallic niobium and determined the atomic mass of titanium, niobium, and many others. In his book Modern Chemistry (1869), Blomstrand showed the decisive importance of the theory of chemical structure and developed the electrochemical theory of J. J. Berzelius, which served as a preparation for the understanding of the electrical nature of valency.


Die Chemie der Jetzzeit vom Standpunkte der electrochemischen Auffassung, aus Berzelius Lehre entwickelt. Heidelberg, 1869.
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