Christian iconography

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Christian iconography:

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[Gr.,=image-drawing] or iconology
[Gr.,=image-study], in art history, the study and interpretation of figural representations, either individual or symbolic, religious or secular; more broadly, the art of representation by pictures or images, which may or
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Dillenberger reports that there are at least twenty very large Last Supper paintings by Warhol, which she regards as "a kind of last will and testament of the artist." (5) Certainly Warhol's work involves his own particular development of Christian iconography, and Dillenberger asserts that these works "range from the startling and playful ...
Seif created a series titled "Icona Balady" (Local/colloquial Icons) which represents four small drawings on A5 size paper of what looks like recreations of Christian iconography. She employs the manner by which history books tend to illustrate the complete images of old broken artefacts, and the results are exquisite little studies in line and culture, drenched in wit.
Orpheus is associated with the birth of light, elsewhere with the "Choir of Heaven"--still elsewhere with fishing (recalling the fish's emblematic function in Christian iconography); the heart is a bait cast to heaven to "catch" the "divine fish, JESUS." A pun in the original on pecheur ("sinner") and pecheur ("fisherman") is untranslatable.
29) and her discussion here gives the reader insight into the process whereby Christian iconography was adapted to suit a Jewish context in the decorative programmes of medieval Ashkenazic illuminated manuscripts.
Corelle's first chapter, "God's Spreading Fingerprint," explores Bishop's engagement with the Bible, especially in her poems "Roosters" and "Over 2,000 Illustrations and a Complete Concordance." Corelle claims that "Christian iconography pervades Bishop's work to a remarkable degree" but also that the subtlety of her scriptural references has led to their being overlooked by scholars (19).
More than startling us with examples of sheer brilliance of craftsmanship of the time, the volume tells us about the scholarly curiosity and religious plurality nurtured by the Mughals -- Akbar set the ball rolling by getting the Mahabharata and Ramayanatranslated into Persian and profusely illustrated, and the young Salim (later Jahangir) got his favourite artists to introduce elements of Christian iconography. The Mughals were also obscenely vain -- their emeralds came from Colombia, their pearls from the Gulf of Mexico and Persian Gulf, their sapphires from Sri Lanka, and their deep crimson rubies from Burma -- and they had an inflated notion of themselves, which is evident from an painting (c.
The prominence of death and Christian iconography in The Bitter Withy will not surprise readers familiar with Revell's work.
He even created him in his own likeness, contrary to what is stated in the Bible, and born out by the long flowing locks in the depictions of the almighty and the white Jesus of Christian iconography. It is an unfortunate state of affairs for human intelligence that after thousands of years of bullying and persecution by successive preachers, churches and religious organisations, man has not finally realised what can only be the case: there is no omnipotent omnipresent being watching over you.
Palmira Brummett's article on Christian iconography c.
Adorned with the bare minimum of Christian iconography, this neutral space could be seen as a contemporary interpretation of the spare, functional Protestant churches of northern Europe.
"Moreover, pet stores don't rip off Christian iconography and engage in cheap irreligious claims.

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