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, city (1995 pop. 482,555), capital of Norway, of Akershus co., and of Oslo co. (175 sq mi/453 sq km), SE Norway, at the head of the Oslofjord (a deep inlet of the Skagerrak).
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, Norway.
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His home in Christiania soon became a cultural and musical center where house concerts were often arranged.
Civic authorities in Copenhagen regard Christiania as a large commune and it has become home to carpenters, blacksmiths, a bikeshop, as well as several cafes, restaurants, jazz, blues and night clubs, galleries, music venues and a 24/ 7 bakery.
Only Copenhagen's Museum Erotica, which also claimed to have 1 million tourists per year, could compete with Christiania in tourist figures in Copenhagen, but the founding father and the business manager of the museum died in 2008 and the museum was closed, leaving Christiania to be the only exotic tourist spot in Scandinavia.
Michael Lund, journalist at Denmark Radio, said that Christiania has developed as a unique experiment where nobody owns land or homes and everything is decided by debating until everyone agrees.
The company was founded by David Andersen in Oslo, then called Christiania, in 1876.
However, he did this not by accommodating Christiania, to the terms and presuppositions of the culture (contra K.
Christiania Figueres, head of the UN's Climate Change Secretariat, called the figures a "stark warning to governments to make rapid climate progress," starting with a meeting of government negotiators in Bonn from June 6 to 17.
This year's event, held at the Christiania Theatre, was called 'The Spark of Change', and included a session on 'The Dawn of the Arab World'.
He fell in with a bohemian crowd, absorbing their philosophy for a lifetime; came under the influence of anarchist and nihilist Hans Jaeger, who admonished him to "write his life"; and enrolled in the Royal School of Art and Design of Christiania (now Oslo) to study under naturalist painter Christian Krohg.
The rest of the book focuses on mainstream, secular intentional communities created since WWII, including Christiania in Denmark, Findhorn in Scotland, and The EcoVillage in Ithaca, New York.
It was once known as Christiania after a Danish king, but changed to its Viking name in 1925.