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, city (1995 pop. 482,555), capital of Norway, of Akershus co., and of Oslo co. (175 sq mi/453 sq km), SE Norway, at the head of the Oslofjord (a deep inlet of the Skagerrak).
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, Norway.
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In the city of Christiania the percentage was even higher: 14% of the city population.
In Copenhagen, an assortment of drugs is legal in the hippie district, Christiania.
Residents of the 'free town' of Christiania in Copenhagen began tearing down cannabis-selling booths on its main street on Friday, two days after a shooting incident rocked one of Denmark's favourite tourist attractions.
Having come from Christiania, a free hippie state in the middle of Copenhagen, Graham has broken down the doors for not only Danish artists but artists all over the world.
Lukas grew up in the Copenhagen hippie commune of Christiania. So was he "smoking herb and drinking burning liquor" at 11?
Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (1812-1887), who published piano/vocal arrangements of Norwegian folk tunes in the mid-19th century, established an organ school in Christiania (now Oslo) in 1883, which became a conservatory the following decade.
Which European city was called Christiania from 1624-1924?
As for the best skate spot, I'd say Leipzig, Germany and Christiania in Denmark.
Both Ola Teige ('Friends, Brokers and the King: A Norwegian Merchant's Informal Political Networks in Copenhagen in the Early Eighteenth Century') and Bard Frydenlund ('The Value of Friendship in Trade and Political Networks: An Interactive View of the Late Eighteenth-Century Urban Elite of Christiania') provide case studies, of an individual and a family respectively, dealing in both cases with very wealthy Christiania timber merchants.