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English firm of art auctioneers and appraisers, one of the largest clearinghouses in the world for art objects of all kinds. Founded in 1766 by James Christie, it has locations all over the world.


See M. C. Marillier, Christie's, 1766–1925 (1926); D. Sutton, Christie's since the War, 1945–1958 (1959).

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He was interrupted by the pressure of Christie's fingers on his arm and a subdued exclamation from Jessie, who was staring down the street.
Carr had remained uneasily watching Christie's shadowed face.
Carr's escape and Christie's uneasiness, Jessie, who had been examining the details of the living-room, broke in upon this conversation.
4] was sold at Christie's shortly after the discussion which followed the publication of Mr.
4] This was described in Christie's catalogue as follows: "A nude woman, a native of the Society Islands, is lying on the ground beside a brook.
Be so good as to write to Christie's for me, and ask them to send down a valuer to go through the pictures.
Founder Gillian Christie explains the vision for Christie's future, "I would like for Christie & Co to carry the torch that popularizes ethics -- putting the truth and honesty back into communications at all levels so that ethical companies can succeed.
The H Series continues Christie's commitment to the 1DLP market with a lineup that already includes Christie G Series, GS Series and Q Series.
The Mirage 4KLH system is also configurable with Christie's latest 6P illumination source, providing support for an unprecedented 120Hz per eye when used in a 6P passive configuration.
Christie's new game plan comes as federal and legislative investigations threaten to drag on for months.
A Democrat consultant doesn't think the hurricane will have any impact on Christie's chances if he mounts a presidential campaign.
Another favorite quote that riled up the base was Christie's comment that President Obama "is a guy who literally is walking around in a dark room trying to find the light switch of leadership.